Podcast on Understanding External Focus

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I'm a big fan of Golf Science Lab which has some great guests sharing their research and experiences from the science side of golf and other motor learning activities.

As a player and coach golf's zone has been there too infrequently and a blurry notion but thankfully now the world is circling in on how to tap into this wonderful "flow" state so that we may perform more better and effortlessly at anything. I like to think of golf as a practice much the same way a martial artist does or even a doctor since we're always striving to improve.

Even if you don't hit thousands of balls each week you can practice your focus or trust by putting. Since anyone can putt.... even with no experience it is a great exercise in the mental side of golf and the practice of tapping into "flow" (another way of saying less thinking).

I have personally struggled with putting in the past and the practice of clearing my mind, which is not easy, and trusting my own "touch" or "feel" that comes from not using thinking mind. My own focus practice each day for just ten minutes has built up my own ability to putt with trust instead of thinking too much. The end result has been improved distance control, more made putts and less effort. What you'll learn and develop through better focus in putting will apply to all of your golf shots and even into the rest of your life. Yes golfing warrior there is a great return in this practice!

Click the link below for another interview of PHd Gabriele Wulf of University of Nevada Las Vegas.