Get More Power with this Exercise

Screenshot 2017-11-01 09.13.34.jpg

Since you're on the planet right now you are benefitting in so many ways from technology and golf is no exception. Motion analysis (Gears Golf) is leading the way to so many break throughs on top of what we learned from Trackman (doppler radar).

Here I am at the ripe age of 56 years and pretty darn good golfer and I'm making radical changes in my own swing because of new information learned from golf's top bio-mechanists. I'd always been a big lagger of the golf club (thanks Golf Machine) but I've always struggled to hit high shots well. I also had a tendency to make deep divots under pressure and now I know why and I've since shallowed my swing for improved results after 42 years of playing golf by just understanding the timing of the swing better through technology and those sharing that information.

This video I made may help you as well to get some more power by using the ground as another leverage source.