The Long View of Golf- It's really a practice

Tiger wins Masters!!

Tiger wins Masters!!

April 15, 2019

Wow what a Masters! So many great players vying for the coveted green jacket and lifetime invitation to the greatest golf tournament on the planet.

Tiger, most thought he'd never win again which makes his win, with what he's overcome, even more spectacular. The guy is one steely SOB and a real competitor and whether you love or hate him you have to take your hat off to him for what he’s come back from (physical and mental).

As someone in the golf business I’m thrilled because Tiger really does move the needle. More people will spend time and money playing golf whenever a great like Tiger wins a major.

These days I coach people to find more pleasure in their experience playing golf whether they're winning the Masters or just going out having fun with their friends. It's about being outdoors and the company you're with. Here's a Kris Moe bit of Zen and a "golf hack" (like my chewing gum tip a few years back)......when you are play golf with gratefulness, you'll tap into some really cool stuff in yourself that'll create better feel and with that better golf shots (huh? you might say).

Let me elaborate some on gratefulness. Gratefulness is a loaded word and has a different meaning to all of us and on so many levels. But really golf is a play at...not grind at. You might remind yourself "I'm glad I'm out here, I could be in....fill in the blank". I also try to remember that I’m glad to be outside doing something I enjoy with a body that still is functional. Feeling my body move and propel a ball in the direction of a target (most of the time). I’m also grateful for the opportunity to practice my focus or attention since my ego likes to get too involved, thinking it really knows how to do it right. So part of my practice is keeping my "thinking mind" quieter. 

Golf for all of us, including Tiger should be thought of as a “practice”. As in.... it should be a life long learning process...and hopefully there shouldn’t be a groan from you about that type of long term mindset. I’d rather you think of golf like a musician might think about her music. It’s never really mastered, it evolves like along with the musician. The take away is that hopefully you'll see golf in the long view and enjoy your incremental improvement and the process of the process.

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Why We Love Golf.......Enjoy the British Open this Week

One of the great things about the game of golf is the interesting and beautiful environments golf course are built on. This is the week of the British Open you might call this a celebration of links golf or oceanside golf. Links golf is a different game since you use the ground a lot more to get to the green. I think it's a lot more creative and rewards those with the ability to hit the range of trajectories into a target.

I've got a chance to play Royal Birkdale and it is truly one of the gems of links golf in The British Open circuit. I played in two British amateurs and two British Opens and looking back my best golf was on windy links courses. Low ball hitters like me like playing in wind.

I'm a coach for a Junior golf team in Alameda. And in our last practice we played a version of golf with a soccer ball and you move the ball with a kick. I played nine holes with the kids and enjoyed that. But most of all it reminded me of links golf since your rolling the ball on the ground. When I played regular golf later that day I had an much clearer sense of how I wanted the ball to carry and roll. 

My point is get out and find a links course to play or find a place where they have Foot Golf.