Mind Blowing Reality of What Happens Through Impact

I had a magical scoring day recently playing with my son. I had two eagles and five birdies in 11 holes (shooting 6 under on the front with a double bogey) had the fewest amount of putts in probably 20+ years. 

I believe what's been making golf more fun for me will also do the same for you. So read on to learn what I'm talking about.

Handle is going up while golf club strikes down through the golf ball (I know...WTF?)

If you can wrap your head around this mind twisting reality it help you understand a key to striking the golf ball better. Click the video below to understand better.

Your hands, like the golf club, travel on an arc and you'll want to hit the golf ball after your hands have bottomed out in its arc and are actually on the way back up. Watch the video below with the three-dimensional demonstration of what's happening with the hands in a golf swing.

Those of you who struggle with chunking chips or just struggling from hitting a ball from the ground will be giddy after having success with this new perception. I know my chipping has improved tremendously since understanding this.

Triggering the Zone or Flow State- Being over whelmed with thoughts when trying to hit a golf ball doesn't work really well. You might say over thinking is traffic jam of thoughts that block your motor system from operating the way it's meant to. Flow is the complete opposite of being bogged down with needless thoughts and we're learning all kinds of triggers to make this flow state more consistent (eg breathing, humming, chewing gum etc.). Find out more here.

I just finished reading a great book on the subject called the Flow Motion Factor by John Yellen.  It's an easy read and will really help you understand how and why a quiet brain enables better timing and results in your golf game. Here's another source to improve performance at sport, Flow Genome Project.

I'm fairly challenged at quieting my mind and since meditating with this app called Calm for about ten minutes a day I'm focusing much better. 

This month (June 2017) at Dominican College, in San Rafael, there is conference exploring what the future of athletic performance and coaching will look like. I'm going and with this code, ITP, you'll get a 20% discount to it. Find out more.


Green Reading with my Feet-  By simply using my feet to read the greens instead of my eyes my green reading skill is so much better and I putt with more confidence. This technique is very simple to learn and typically can takes 5 to 10 minutes for students to pick up. It'll take the guesswork out of reading greens and it another easy way to keep your "body-mind" connection going through the round. Find out more