Golf Coaching Overview

Here's some important aspects to what a good golf coach will bring you:


  • Help you identify your goals
  • Give you a comprehensive physical screen
  • Teach strategy and tactics course and game management skills
  • Work with you to monitor, measure and reset goals as necessary
  • Provide advice and strategies for improving
  • Ensure that your equipment and ball is optimally fitted


 And then the next steps:

  •         Teach you how to practice effectively
  •         Teach mental skills and strategies
  •         Teach the rules of golf
  •         Teach competitive skills- event preparation/ game plans
  •         Help formulate a detailed goal-setting program and training regimen
  •         Help establish a balanced and challenging competitive schedule
  •         Collect accurate data from rounds
  •         Teach proper nutrition and hydration
  •         Help create a strength training and flexibility regimen
  •         Communicate openly with the athlete, parents and collegiate coaches
  •         Encourage and support you on and off the course

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