Sleep for Good Golf

Sleep...Your Secret Weapon on the Golf Course

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I everyone had a great holiday and are looking forward to a great year in all of things you are pursuing.

I got another "hack" for better golf for all of you...and it's free.

This new hack is from Dr. Matthew Walker, author of the recently published book Why We Sleep. A quick take-away is that if you get a good sleep and go through all the phases of REM (Kris, what is REM sleep?) you're going to learn faster, jump higher and make more putts etc.! And it's no wonder that the military, elite athletes and performers of all kinds are jumping on the band wagon. Supporting articles.

"I always thought that sleep was overrated, and I had to kind of be knocked in the head to understand," Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told the NY Times. "Like so many things, once it gets on the radar screen, it makes sense and you ask, why didn't we pay attention before?" Check out Fatigue Science who work with numerous sports teams including the Cubs and Seahawks.

The key to success is to get through to that last level of REM which usually occurs from 5:00-7:00 am (your sixth to eighth hour of sleep). That last REM level is like triple bonus points for your body and mind and most of us miss that power boost when the alarm cuts your sleep short or because of alcohol or some other outside agent that disables REM (bummer for me since I like to have a drink or two or three when I cook).

So bottom line, you got your big match with your buddy coming up. That night limit your alcohol (I know, the sacrifice... but too much alcohol inhibits your secret weapon, REM sleep) or sleeping pills, no blue light from your device two hours before bed, have your room completely dark, get your 7-8 hours and you'll give yourself your best shot at playing well!

Frankly I could go on and on about this. I'll only say get on the bandwagon for better sleep and you'll not only play better golf you'll feel a lot better in every aspect of your life. Better than any pill you could buy. Here's Dr. Walker at Google in a You Tube video (he is their official Sleep Scientist) laying it out better than I can.

So I can't recommend this book enough to read or listen to. It's a great hack into our health and well being and I guarantee you will perform better at everything with some its wisdom.

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