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Best golf school-napa 

Improving golfers in the WineCountry since 1995!


Why you should take lessons:

  • So you can get out and play on the course sooner
  • Unstick your game from that plateau you've been stuck on
  • Save time in the improvement process whatever the level you play at
  • An experienced coach especially one with playing success will open your eyes to things you've never considered in the game
  • Learn proper etiquette so you don't frustrate other golfers
  • Learn how to play safely
  • Understand your golf equipment
  • Learn about how the environment effects your game

I'm offering programs throughout the year every week. Just send an email, text or call to check on dates.



About kris moe

Kris started the Kris Moe Golf School in Sonoma, California in 1995 and has been a GOLF magazine Top 25 Golf School in America since 2008.

A quick playing history- Kris Moe was a two-time All-American at San Diego State University and California Amateur Champion before qualifying and playing on the PGA Tour in 1986. And then a year on European PGA Tour in 1989. All told, Kris played professional golf in over thirty countries with his most memorable finish being 25th at the 1985 British Open at Royal St. George's where he played the third round with Nick Faldo.

His coaching philosophy-The modern golf coach, Kris believes, brings the right amount of cheer leading and support to his student. He will also coach you through SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time related) goals. As a student you will be measured at some point to create a baseline and various times be measured again to see how you are doing with your goals. Kris says “if you can measure it, you can improve it.”

He is a PGA member, an Advanced Impact Zone coach, certified with the Trackman launch monitor, a certified TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) instructor and a certified Ping and Titleist clubfitter. He has also played in 6 major championships (two British Opens, two US Amateurs and two British Amateurs). 

When are the golf schools?

You can pick the days of the week if you are your own group (private, semi-private or small group) otherwise I try to offer them every Friday and Saturday.

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Kris moe golf school

Started in 1995 and a Top 25 Golf School since 2008

Here's What We Do

You’re going to love coming up to Napa to spend the day getting a life changing experience (golf life that is) and new ways to see, feel and play the game! 

Two-Day Agenda


  • Introductions
  • Review of day’s schedule
  • We’ll want to know your personal goals


  • Warm-up movements and stretching
  • Learn the key dynamics of great impact. You’ll be learning these five dynamics that hold true for all shots
  • Practice flat left wrist and the shaft leaning left though impact and bottom of swing dynamics in putts and chips
  • Measure your baseline in your chipping and pitching (eg location of bottom of divot)
  • Learn to tap into the natural laws of gravity and momentum with the weight of your arms and club and you’ll use this sensation to improve your rhythm and flow in your swing motion


  • You”ll progressively hit longer and longer shots (eg 20, 40, 60 yards etc) while we’re monitoring your impact position.
  • You’ll start building higher energy swings with longer clubs and we'll help you understand the various energy sources (eg body rotation).
  • Before lunch we’ll measure your impact numbers from our Flightscope radar. You’ll hit 5-10 balls with a wedge, mid-iron and driver and we’ll talk about these numbers over lunch.

12:45-1:30 Lunch

  • Over lunch we’ll look through your baseline data from the radar and discuss how we’ll improve those numbers and results after lunch


  • We’ll usually go out and play on the golf course (some classes may spend some more time on the range). We’ll coach you to get the most out of your game by making helping you better choices with your shot selection.
  • You’ll also see how your coach uses a deliberate pre-shot routine so you can use that as a model to copy



  • Feedback and recap of previous day’s activities
  • Warm-up with stretches
  • You’ll review impact keys with chips and pitches
  • Work out to longer shots while monitoring aspects of your shot quality and how it relates to the impact dynamic’s data
  • Believe or not at this time you’ll have a very good idea of what is creating your missed shots and have a pretty good idea of how to make the correct adjustments. At this point you are learning to monitor yourself more on your own and this leads to longer lasting improvement!


  • Use Doppler radar to measure your swing speed, carry distance and smash factor
  • We’ll work to improve your numbers

12:30- 1:15 Lunch

1:15- 4:00

  • Let’s play on the course and observe. For most of you we’ll still be in practice mode while on the course but we’ve taken a big step into performance mode and that step usually has mental complications which you’ll learn from
  • When we see gaps we can usually drop an extra ball or two to get you more comfortable with a particular shot (eg pitch over a bunker)
  • Have fun and enjoy Chardonnay Golf Club and the beautiful views

4:00 Your pro will leave at this point but you may continue playing


How much? 


This is a very popular program for couples or buddies. You’ll get the class to yourself or we’ll try to match you up. This cost is per person per day and includes 10:00 am -4:00 pm coaching, green fees and lunch.

$600 a day per golfer


It's all you! You get Kris all to yourself and work on on the things you wish. You have choice of more time on the range or more time on the course with playing instruction. This cost is per person per day and includes 10:00 am -4:00 pm coaching, green fees and lunch.

$1,000 a day

Up to 4:1

Make your own group of up to four or join a small group to and meet and learn with some other golfers. This cost is per person per day and includes 10:00 am -4:00 pm coaching, green fees and lunch.

$450 a day per golfer


Unless you're booking your own private or semi-private class there are usually some upcoming classes you can join as a solo golfer. 


We're big fans of MacArthur Place in Sonoma (15 minute drive to golf course) where through us you can get some great deals especially on the weekdays through the year. Sometimes as low as $225 a night for a suite. In Napa and 10 minutes from the golf course we like to recommend Napa River Inn.

MacArthur Place

MacArthur Place


2555 Jameson Canyon Road
American Canyon, CA, 94503
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