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Just an idea...........Disconnect to connect

Your team's working hard....and maybe a break is what is in order.

Join me in one of my two locations, Napa or Alameda. Alameda is just north of the Oakland Airport. From San Francisco it may take 35 minutes by car or you may take a ferry over and Uber in (ten minutes ride).

Here's what we do- We're going to be the ambassadors of  "fun" while also being golf instructors!

We'll greet you in the parking lot walk you back to our practice area where a tub of drinks (beers, sodas and water) and family size pizzas are waiting for you.

After a slice a sip or two of a beverage we'll dive into easy-to-learn golf fundamentals everyone can do (we'll have equipment for anyone that needs it along with golf balls).

Instructional Clinic-1.5 hours instruction on short game area with me and another pro. Could be broken into 50% short game and 50% full swing on front of the range.

Nine Hole Scramble on our fantastic par-three with pros playing with groups (you might offer a token prize for each team, eg $20 gift cards for Starbucks).

As a bonus I'll create a video of the event that is something like this.

This scenario for nine golfers would be around $1,500 and your team would have a blast together whacking at the ball, laughing with each other and being outside disconnected from their device.

I offer programs like this for 3 hours or two full days for almost any size group in Napa too.