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Creating an Earlier Release for Better Drives

Creating an Earlier Release for Better Drives

This is a video describing the difference in a late release swing verses an early release swing that is better for the driver and the other long clubs.

This is considered radical but since we've learned from Trackman to hit optimal drives you'll be hitting up and to the right of the target. It is quite the opposite for your irons which rewards striking down on the ball with the club lagging behind handle and the feeling of club exiting the impact area to the left.

A simple analogy may be the driver swing is like a high pitch shot and the iron swing is more of a low chip and run.


So bottom line if you're frustrated hitting your drives out to the right it's because the driver is getting stuck behind your handle and you have to find a way to increase the speed of the clubhead to catch up and even pass the handle at or just past impact since we've learned that for good drives you hit more up on the ball and out right of the target to produce a draw.

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