Create an Alter Ego like Superman to Play Better Golf

Superman had Clark Kent and most likely as a kid you were a soldier, gun slinger or someone bigger than life too. These were alter egos that helped you play but something else was going on that probably made you feel powerful, fearless or special and I wanted to share how this may help you in golf.

In golf when we face that tight tee shot or the 8 foot knee knocker to tie your buddy there are two different sort of characters in your mind, one, the weak and self doubting character, picture the neurotic Woody Allen or two, someone on the opposite side of the confidence spectrum like Clint Eastwood. Which character would you draw strength from?

Like kids we all have the mind control to draw from the strengths of characters like Clint or some Marvel comic book character (women of course take your pick from all the strong ladies out there) to help you face any challenge like the way we’d imagine your that alter ego would. Taking a practical lesson from Beyonce and Clark Kent. 

Here’s another wrinkle. Sometimes in life are deep-seated values of fairness, trust or what-have you can unfortunately creating a block to you winning a competition or a deal. You might be just too nice. Here’s an example, you’re destroying your opponent in a golf match. You have a huge lead and the “nice and fair” person inside of you lets your opponent get back into the match and the next thing you know you’re going up to the last hole tied and now you run the risk of losing.

You may apply this to other aspects of your life. Sometimes for instance we may cut people slack when they are not doing their jobs. Maybe we hate confrontation or whatever. Well sometimes the accommodator in us needs to step up and call that person out for not delivering what they are supposed to. Woody Allen's  character wouldn’t (not meaning to pick on Woody btw). But how about Clint or some tough negotiator, dare I say Donald Trump? 

Back to golf, channel that golfer, take on their demeanor, their stare, their body language, their shot routine and tackle any kind shot the way they would and see what happens.  

Play around and find who suits you. Is it loosie-goosie Freddie Couples or the calculating and tough as nails Jim Furyk? Point is when you’re playing golf interchange some of these great golfers of today or yesterday and see who feels right in those tough situations. You may have one for driving the ball and another for putting.

Golf is an amazing way to practice so many things including focus, soothing yourself and trying out alter egos.

Make Golf More Fun Again

I coach golfers to hit it better and have fewer distractions on the golf course. Alter ego is a fun trick that many athletes and performers are using to get a little bit more out of themselves in their sport or endeavor. I've got few little goodies up my sleeve to share that I've picked up over the years. Join me in one of my two-day golf schools in Napa to lift your game. My websites are or for my private lessons in Alameda,